Class Meetings

Classroom meeting

You and Me - Bully Free!
Class Meetings

Based on her popular Class Meetings in ACTion workshop presented at the 2015, 2014 and 2012 International Bullying Prevention Conference, Sue leads students in fun, field-tested ACTIVities that focus on teacm building, inclusion, respect, empathy, compassion, and specific bullying prevention strategies.

  • Every-Day Brave

  • 3-Sided Coin

  • 30-Second Stops

  • Monday Morning Check-In

  • Fast Friday Four Corners

  • One-Minute Wonders

  • Say What?

  • Crossing Over

  • Well-Oiled Machine

  • On the Hunt

  • My Sister has Green Hair

  • Lights! Camera! Action!

  • What Would You Do?

  • Last to Leave

  • Fairy Tales on Trial

  • And more …

    “The kids love it when you come. They know you’ll always get to the heart of the matter.”
    5th grade teacher